18 September, 2019

Regional Centre


Year 2006 – A Fruitful Year Coming to an End


The Year 2006 was a very momentous year as far as the regional centre was concerned. The year witnessed a few events which were of major significance. We present a brief preview of the year that is slowly but surely passing by.


The most important strength of the Regional centre is its wide reach spanning almost the entire state of Haryana. At present the Regional Centre has 24 study-centres working under it. With this wide network, we are able to cater to the needs of the under privileged and down trodden masses even at the remotest corners of Haryana. This aim will be further fulfilled when more study centres will be opened at the farthest corners of Haryana, namely, Narnaul and Jhajjar.


The Regional Centre has successfully activated most of the IGNOU Programmes including the Certificates and Diplomas. This has benefited the students in getting in touch with rare subjects and issue areas that had hitherto been indwelt in these areas. Special mention needs to be made of the efforts made by the Regional Centre in activating programme centres for the programmes of the School of Agriculture at Guru Jambeshwar University , Hisar. Consent of GJU Vice-Chancellor for opening a PSC was obtained after constant visit and use of the good offices.


The regional centre was successful in conducting the practical session for PGDRP students in close liaison with All India Radio, Jalandhar and All India Radio, Rohtak. The programme at Rohtak was organised after extensive briefing and management of the outstanding issues was done by Mr.M.Rajesh,ARD.


The successful organisation of teleconferencing sessions on issues of major importance is also a matter of pride for the Regional Centre. A number of teleconferencing sessions on various issues were held in which active participation of the students occurred. The prominent among these were the teleconferencing sessions for PGDIPR, ACE, CPLT etc.


One of the significant aspects that was noticed in the functioning of the regional Centre was its ability to complement the efforts of other Regional Centres for the delivery of programmes. The prime example of this was the way in which the Regional Centres of Srinagar and Karnal coordinated in providing the learner support services to the excess students of Karnal region at the PSCs of Srinagar. Further, the evaluation of the assignments and the organisation of the workshops of these students was done.


This regional Centre has also carried the responsibility of providing student support services to the students of other regions. The students of BTCM and BTWRE of Kolkatta, Rajasthan and Delhi region were given an opportunity to complete their practical sessions at N IT Kurukshetra. This was done through thorough persuasion of the N IT authorities.


In order to promote the National Language, the regional centre has been organising various activities. Most important among these is the Hindi week that is being organised every year to emphasise our commitment to promoting Hindi. This year the staff of the Regional centre participated in various competitions associated with Hindi language conducted by NARACAS, Karnal. We are happy to state here that our Assistant Regional Directors, Sh.M.Rajesh and Sh.M.L.Sharma won top positions in the Hindi quiz conducted for the officials of Central Government institutions in Karnal district.


The major strength of the Regional Centre is its staff integrity, cohesion, and efficiency. The Regional centre has adhered to all the major schedules and deadlines issued by the Head Quarters from time to time.


The academic staff has been successful in conducting various academic programmes like the Extended Contact Programme (ECP) and general orientation programmes for academic counsellors smoothly from year to year. This has been possible only due to the coordination and planning by the academic staff of the Regional Centre. Their efficiency has added vigor and vitality to the Regional Centre.


Another major strength of the Regional Centre is the rapport that the Centre has made with the other public institutions of the area. Such rapport has made it possible for the Regional centre to elicit favorable responses from these institutions in times of need.


Like in previous years, this year too, the 17th convocation of the university was organised with the gaiety the occasion deserved. The event was graced by Dr.Sushil Kumar, Vice-Chancellor and Director, NDRI, Karnal.


The regional centre has been quick to adopt and implement new programmes in its region. The most recent example being that of the Appreciation Course on Environment. The regional centre went beyond the designated activities and organised a CD show and a seminar on Environmental protection involving the academics of Karnal. The same has been sent to the School of Sciences for further perusal of the academics at the Head Quarters.


Plans for the Immediate Future


“Action without Planning is the road to disaster”


The Regional Centre has some concrete plans for the development of the profile of the Regional Centre in the immediate future.


  • The Establishment of a Programme Study Centre (PSC) for Dairy Technology Programmes at NDRI, Karnal (an institution of National Importance) is in its final stages. The establishment of this centre will fulfil the long felt need of the students of Haryana.
  • A career fair cum exhibition is planned for the immediate future for the benefit of the students of the region. This however is subject to the approval of IGNOU head Quarters.
  • Practical exams for MCA and BCA will organised in the month of January 2007. The viva-voce for the BCA/MCA projects will also be conducted soon.